“It’s a very essential asset to our community. I have no means of transportation and need to go to medical appointment; sometimes in Rapid City. It allows me to be taken for medications and grocery shopping. I live alone and I would be homebound if it wasn’t for Prairie Hills Transit.”

~ Verna, Sturgis Resident

“Prairie Hills Transit service is an essential transportation component and complements the delivery of services to people who have limited options.”

~ Northern Hills Training Center

“Efficient, accessible and dependable transportation contributes significantly to the prosperity and quality of life in the Black Hills. A reliable transit system, especially service, is crucial to connect people to medical services, family, and jobs.”

~ Senator Tim Johnson

“I’m 87 years old – need the bus to take me for groceries every week plus some appointments at least once or twice a month. Don’t know what I’d do without it.”

~ Spearfish resident